Friday, August 14, 2015

Surry County Schools' Freshmen Academies

     Freshmen Academies are nothing new to me in my ten years of teaching.  I actually played an integral role in a valiant attempt at a Freshmen Academy in Ashe County.  What we did just didn't work well for us, so we did what every good school does:  reflect and change. This is exactly what I saw happening in Surry County Schools during my visit there on July 13th, 2015.

     Each area high school was gathered at North Surry for a review of their Freshmen Academy visions and reflecting on how they can improve and refocus instruction.  The efforts of their collective reasoning was empowering to veteran and novice educators. These teachers were REALLY working together for the benefit of the students.  Each individual was putting aside his or her own agenda to create and implement best practices. The support from the central office staff was phenomenal.  

     I had the pleasure of meeting the Director of Teacher Quality, Ms. Sonia Dickerson and the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Reinhardt. The work these two ladies put into the planning process of a phenomenal professional development day is to be commended.  Teachers were treated as professionals and provided a wonderful lunch.  My time with them was rejuvenating and encouraging as to the wonderful things happening in North Carolina Public Schools.  Thank you, Surry County Schools for allowing me to join such a wonderful day of professional development!

FUN FACT:  This is Sonia Dickerson who happens to be the niece of my teacher idol and
former cooperating teacher, Polly Jones. So nice to meet someone I have heard so much about! :)

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