Saturday, September 26, 2015

NCAE Instructional Leadership Institute

As a member of NCAE, I have taken full advantage of the wonderful trainings offered as I prepared for the National Board process.  I, also, have participated in various other seminars or professional development offered by the organization.  However, I must say that this summer's inaugural Instructional Leadership Institute blew me out of the water. The group of teachers gathered were not only passionate about their calling, but they were devoted to improving themselves as professionals and learners, as well as helping colleagues improve.  It was beautiful for this teacher to behold.

These educators were hard at work deep diving and aligning their lessons with the Common Core and Essential Standards as I walked into the "house that teachers built."  Upon entering this rigorous work session, my heart overflowed that I was honored to have an invitation to speak to this group and was more than impressed with the rigorous work these professionals were putting into refining their craft. They inspired me to be better and made me yearn to be preparing for a new year in my classroom! The reflective questioning they were asking about their own practice as they were redefining themselves as teacher leaders in their content areas was inspiring and should be a common practice for all educators.

I owe a BIG thank you to Elic Senter who opened the invitation and treated me with fine southern hospitality. One of the best parts was that Elic was a former NC Teaching Fellow himself, so we were kindred spirits from the beginning!  I can't wait to see the bright future of these NCAE Instructional Leadership graduates and the gains NC public education will make because of them!

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